Q and A For Reopening School

East Amwell School

Dear Parents:

We have set up a Q and A on our website to answer as many questions as we can about school in the Fall.  Please understand that at this time we are in the planning stages of 3 Models: In Person; Remote and Hybrid.  The decision of what we are going to do will be made by the Governor and the Health department.  As stated in my previous email we need to be totally prepared for every scenario.  Our job in the next few weeks is to accomplish that goal and wait for directions from the state.

The Q and A will be posted on the school website’s (eastamwell.org) Front Page.


Mr. Edward Stoloski


Q and A To Emails Received at 2020reopeningcomments@eastamwell.org

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  1. What disinfectants will be used? Documentation that disinfectants used will fight Covid-19.  Give EPA listing number. 

  1. What are atomizers? 

  1. What is the name of the company partnered with for atomizing?

  1. Who is your IPM coordinator? 

  1. Will there be an option for remote learning for students?

  1. Would a teacher be able to "live stream" a class via zoom or Google classroom?

  1. Why was a decision made to deviate from CDC and EPS guidance regarding disinfecting EA school?

  1. What will be the procedures/protocols for students and staff wearing a mask at school? 

  1. Is there a hybrid solution being developed?

  1. Have you considered surveying parents for their input?

  1. Who is going to be in charge of disinfecting the plexiglass in the classrooms?

  2. What type of training will the staff receive in PPE and aseptic behavior?

  1. Why are we pushing for in school instruction when it can be virtual?

  1. What are the specific details on physical distance that will be in class?

  1. How will air circulation be enhanced?

  1. Will there be an increase in staff needed to support CDC guidelines?

  1. Will my child have a barrier around her at all times and have no physical contact with others?

  1. Social distancing during busing?

  1. Will before and aftercare be available and if so what will be the protocol?

  1. Will temperatures be taken throughout the day?

  1. What are the social distancing guidelines for classroom, hallway, cafeteria, bus, bathroom and playground?

  1. How many children will be in a classroom at one time?

  1. When will the classrooms be cleaned and how often?


If our children are home sick(cold), are they going to be required to get a covid test to be able to return to school? Or will they have to stay home for 2 weeks in order to return?
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25. Will the children be able to go outside everyday?

26. Will there be contact tracing if a parent gets sick first so that kids are not in school?

27. Will hand washing with real soap and water be available?
28. Will there be extra stress relieving / mental health measures for the kids?
29. Can the parents send in to school their own CDC approved hand sanitizer and soap that we are comfortable using?

30. Will air quality be tested given the additional chemicals and cleaning procedures that will be in place?

31. What socialization opportunities will there be for students in the full-day in-school option?
32. Are there any plans to have the pre-school run this year?
33. If a class has 3 or 4 children staying home by parents choice for remote learning, will the class still have a traditional schedule for the other children?
34. Will children be sharing desks with other students?

35. Will students be assigned a specific day of the week that they will be virtual?
36. Will students are virtual will the school be providing devices for home use?

37. Will older students be changing classrooms for core subjects (ELA, Math, Science) or will teachers be changing classrooms?

38. Will older student cohorts be mixed up for core subjects as usual or will they be in the same group of students all day long to minimize contacts?

39. If parents choose in-person instruction initially, can they move to remote instruction?

40. Are classroom desks socially-distanced at six feet apart?

41. Can outdoor classroom areas be set-up and utilized as other schools are doing?

42. Why are kids eating lunch in school?  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of wearing a mask all day, having to take it off to eat lunch?  Why can't kids be allowed to go home and eat lunch?

43. When outdoors will kids be required to wear a mask?  If not, is the child responsible for not losing their mask while outdoors? How will they maintain social distancing? What happens if they lose their mask?

44. How do we know the desks (if shared) will be cleaned WELL (desk, chair, plexiglass)?

45. Will supplies be shared for specials?  

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